Halal Certification: A Mark of Trust & Quality

Halal certification isn’t just a label—it’s a powerful testament to a product’s quality, authenticity, and strict adherence to global Halal standards. At HFCE, we champion this integrity.

Since our inception in 2010, HFCE has been at the forefront of global Halal certification. Our deep understanding of international Halal requirements, coupled with our dedication to promoting authentic Halal products, positions us as your ideal partner.


Why choose HFCE?

  • Simplicity: Our certification process is straightforward.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Obtain premier certification without breaking the bank.
  • Efficiency: Our streamlined process ensures timely certification.
  • Implementation Ease: Seamlessly integrate our certification into your production line.
Muslim couple with a grocery list at the store

Discover Authentic Halal Products

What truly defines a product as Halal? It’s not just about the absence of certain ingredients—it’s a holistic approach that encapsulates ethical sourcing, preparation, and more.

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More than a Seal: HFCE's Legacy Beyond Certification

At HFCE, our mission extends far beyond just stamping products with a seal of approval. We’re deeply invested in the holistic growth and elevation of the Halal industry, ensuring it flourishes in Europe and beyond.

Our Broader Impact:

  • Halal Education: We conduct workshops, seminars, and training sessions to enlighten businesses and consumers about the essence and intricacies of Halal.
  • Community Building: Through charity drives, food assistance programs, and community events, we foster a sense of unity and support among Halal consumers and producers.
  • Industry Collaboration: We actively collaborate with industry leaders, stakeholders, and policymakers to set standards, share knowledge, and ensure the continuous advancement of the Halal sector.
  • Sustainability & Ethics: Beyond just Halal, we promote sustainable and ethical practices in food production, emphasising animal welfare, environmental responsibility, and fair trade.


At the heart of HFCE lies a vision of an inclusive, ethical, and progressive Halal ecosystem. Join us in shaping this future.