Our Values


We maintain an unwavering commitment to authenticity in our certification process.


Excellence is not just a benchmark, but a foundational ethos for all our services.


We believe in fostering a connected, informed, and empowered Halal community.


Continually refining our processes and methodologies, we stay at the forefront of Halal certification.

What We Do

Halal Certification

At the core of HFCE’s offerings is our rigorous and authentic Halal certification process. Our certification not only ensures products meet the strictest Halal standards but also signifies trust, quality, and reliability. Businesses across Europe rely on our expertise to open doors to the vast market of Halal consumers.

  • Comprehensive Certification: From food to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, we cover a broad spectrum of products.
  • Global Recognition: HFCE certification is respected and recognised worldwide, adding value to your brand.
  • Seamless Integration: Our process is designed to be effortlessly incorporated into your production line, ensuring minimal disruptions.
Our Certification Process

Education & Empowerment

Knowledge is power. HFCE is committed to illuminating the intricacies of Halal to both businesses and consumers. Through workshops, seminars, and resources, we demystify Halal concepts, ensuring informed decisions in the marketplace.

  • Tailored Workshops: Customised sessions for businesses to grasp the nuances of Halal production.
  • Resource Hub: A comprehensive collection of articles, videos, and tools dedicated to Halal knowledge.
  • Community Engagement: Regular interactions with consumers to address questions, curiosities, and concerns about Halal.

Community Collaboration & Support

HFCE believes in the strength of community. Beyond certification, we actively engage in fostering unity, understanding, and growth within the Halal community. By initiating charity drives, organising events, or simply being a pillar of support, HFCE is deeply rooted in community welfare.

  • Charity Initiatives: Drives to support the less fortunate and address pressing community needs.
  • Events & Gatherings: Bringing together the Halal community for celebration, learning, and networking.
  • Support Network: Providing a platform for Halal businesses and consumers to connect, share, and grow.

A Global Institution

At the heart of HFCE lies a universal commitment: to champion Halal integrity wherever we are. Our global presence isn’t just about breadth—it’s a testament to our dedication to ensuring Halal authenticity on a worldwide scale. When businesses and consumers see the HFCE Halal symbol, they’re not just seeing a certification; they’re seeing a promise—one made by a globally recognised and respected institution.

  • Expansive Reach: With offices and affiliations across Europe, including France, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands, our footprint is both vast and influential.
  • Education Everywhere: No matter the location, our commitment to educating businesses and consumers remains unwavering. We’re paving the way for a universally informed Halal community.
  • A Symbol of Trust: Our certification mark is not just recognised—it’s revered. Across continents, the HFCE Halal symbol is synonymous with quality, trust, and peace of mind.