1. HFCE follows a comprehensive and transparent procedure for all matters related to the status of a Halal certificate. Here’s a brief overview:
    1. Maintenance: Regular audits and monitoring ensure that companies maintain the required Halal standards. Companies are expected to comply with periodic checks and submit any requested documentation in a timely manner.
    2. Suspension: If any non-compliance or issues are detected, the company will be notified with detailed findings. They will be granted a specific period to rectify the issues. If the company fails to address the concerns within this period, the certificate may be suspended temporarily.
    3. Reduction: If a company discontinues producing certain products under Halal standards, or if a specific product range is found non-compliant, the certification scope may be reduced. The company will be informed in writing about which products are no longer covered by the certification.
    4. Withdrawal: In cases of severe non-compliance, repeated offenses, or failure to rectify issues after suspension, the Halal certificate can be entirely withdrawn. The company will be given a formal notification outlining the reasons.
    5. Extension: If a company wants to add more products or services to their existing Halal certificate, they should apply for an extension. This will involve an evaluation process similar to the initial certification to ensure the new items meet Halal standards.
    6. Renewal: As the certificate’s validity period approaches its end, companies will be contacted for renewal. This involves a review of the company’s compliance history and a re-audit.
    7. Appeals and Grievance: In case of any disagreement with HFCE’s decisions, companies have the right to file an appeal. HFCE has a dedicated process to ensure appeals are handled impartially and fairly.
    8. Communication: Throughout all these procedures, open communication between HFCE and the company is vital. Timely notifications, clear guidelines, and feedback mechanisms are in place to ensure transparency and mutual understanding.

    Companies are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these procedures, outlined in their certification agreement, to maintain a smooth relationship with HFCE and uphold the highest Halal standards.