1. Maintaining, extending, and renewing your Halal certificate with HFCE involves a structured process to ensure products consistently adhere to Halal standards:
    1. Regular Audits: HFCE will conduct periodic audits to ensure ongoing compliance with Halal standards. Any deviations noted will require corrective action.
    2. Annual Renewal: Certificates typically have an annual validity. Before expiry, companies need to apply for a renewal, which may involve a review or re-audit.
    3. Update Notification: If there are changes in ingredients, suppliers, or production processes, it’s mandatory to inform HFCE. This ensures the product remains compliant and may necessitate an additional review.
    4. Extension Requests: If you’re introducing new products or variations, an extension request can be made under the existing certification, but it may need a separate evaluation.
    5. Maintain Good Practices: Adherence to good manufacturing practices, transparency, and cooperation during audits are vital for maintaining certification.
    6. Revocation: Non-compliance, misrepresentation, or violations may result in certificate suspension or revocation.

    It’s essential to remain proactive, transparent, and collaborative in all interactions with HFCE to ensure seamless certification maintenance, extension, and renewal.