Gelatin is a protein product obtained from the collagen of vertebrates, including pigs, cattle, and fish. It is recovered by hydrolysis. The main raw materials used today are pigskins, cattle bones, and cattle hide. Of these, the most common source is pigskins.
Gelatin is used in the preparation of baked goods, ice cream, yoghurt, jams, and gelatin Jell-OTM. It is also used in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Gelatin has other non-food uses, such as photographic film and carbonless paper.
If the word gelatin appears on a label without reference to its source, it is generally derived from pigskins and cattle bones, so it must be avoided.
It is possible to produce Halal gelatin by using the bones and hides of Halal-slaughtered cattle. In such a case, the gelatin would be certified Halal and labeled as Halal gelatin. HFCE-certified Halal gelatin made from fish bones or Halal-slaughtered cattle is now available for the food and pharmaceutical industry.
And ALLAH, Subhanahu wa ta’ala, knows best.